New Year

25 minutes before the ball drops.“Renee, come here.” Kenny extending his open arms. Renee walked into his arms gracefully.

“What’s up?” Renee asked, gazing up into bright glossy his eyes. Kenny placed his chin on her head and squeezed her tight then kissed the top of her head.

“Tarsha and I …” Before Kenny could finish his confession, Renee stepped back and out of his arms. Kenny was holding onto his arms limbs.

“You and Tarsha what?” Renee soft voice harden instantly, yet still in a low tone. She didn’t want the party talking about their argument. Kenny sighed before responding. He obviously wasn’t ready to break Renee’s heart.

“She gave me head a few times. More than my conscience can hold.”

Renee body had stiffened and was her mouth fell open with a locked jaw. Her heart tried to utter words but nothing came to mind. Renee just stared into Kenny’s eyes. Naïve Renee just stood there, still stiff and staring.

“Renee, listen to me, I’m so sorry. It was an in the moment kind of thing.”

A tear finally trickled down her face, the rest dried up. Renee casually turned and walk away from Kenny and into the crowd. Kenny wasn’t expecting it to play out like this. He was now stuck in amazement that Renee left him without saying a word. Kenny finally snapped out of pity mode and searched for Renee. His nostrils began to flare as he disappeared into the crowd. It wasn’t longer before he caught up with Renee.

“Renee, wait, talk to me.” Kenny grabbed Renee again.

“When did it happen?” Renee broke her silence now that they were away from many ears.

“It started back in the summer, before we got serious. It slowed down because I was really feeling you but then I learned that I respect you too much to ask you to do that to me. She was always willing and open to do it. Thursday, my guilt fucked me up and knew I had to tell you and stop seeing Tarsha.

“Wow and it was a mistake.” Renee scoffed in sarcasm.

“Nay, I never said it was a mistake. I said it was caught in the moment thing. I get horny, I hit her up.” Kenny pleading started to sound like he was trying to justify his actions.

“But, she’s dirty.” Renee caught herself. “I don’t even care too much, we were never officially together anyway, so that’s your business. Just don’t bring no shit back to me. Renee roared again her voice was barely above a 8.

Kenny was stunned. He’s never heard her voice go so loud, mostly he was hurt by what she said. Renee didn’t say anything but the truth, Kenny didn’t want Renee to think that they weren’t dating. He genuinely felt like they were. Kenny caught feelings when they started spending more time together, like sexless sleepovers. Kenny thought they were on the same page, obviously not. He knew arguing with her or trying to express his feelings wasn’t going to help the situation much.

“And that’s why I’m telling you. I’m ready to get serious with you. I want this New Year to be good for the both of us.” Kenny sound so sincere, Renee was falling for it again.

“When did you decide this? Yesterday, because today is Saturday.” More sarcasm and sass from Renee. It was becoming obviously that Renee cared more than she said she didn’t. But she was furious. Her feelings were hurt and she felt like her best friend set her up to die. Even with these nasty feelings, small part of her didn’t believe herself. Deep down inside Kenny was her boyfriend.

10 minutes until the ball drops.

“No Renee.” Kenny stared in her eyes.

“Look, we have 10 minutes til the ball drops. I’ll meet you back at the party at midnight. I need to clear my mind.”

“Do you forgive me?” Kenny didn’t want to let her arm go until he got an answer but she tugged away.

“I’ll see you at the party.” Renee said before she walked away.

This has been a long 7 months. Back when Renee met Kenny he was still in a relationship. All the time he spent with Renee made it hard for her to find out. They kept disguising their affair as a friendship. Still, to this day, Renee and Kenny tells everyone that they are nothing more than friends. They are only fooling themselves because the chemistry is too thick. Neither of them wants to be just friends with the other, which is why Kenny felt the way he did about him and Tarsha.

Renee walked to the corner then made a bow-face. All this thinking about Kenny made her miss him. She figured she’ll talk it out with him, become official and it won’t happen again.

3 minutes until the ball drops.

Renee sped walked back to the Hotel where the party was. She made it back to the lobby where the drunk and excited people were staring at the surrounded screens. Last seconds of the year and this was not how she imagined it being.

Both Kenny and Renee scanned the crowd for each other. 30 seconds left, they made initial eye contact. Kenny eyes showed thrill, Renee’s read trust.

20 seconds left; Kenny started making his way through the crowd to Renee, she was heading to meet him halfway. They both grinned. 10 seconds left, they stood face to face as the crowd shouted the countdown. Kenny extended his arms, Renee routinely walked in.

“I’m sorry.” Kenny kissed her head.

“Don’t let it happen again.”

“3,2, 1.. Happy New Year!” Everyone exclaimed.

Kenny and Renee kissed then paused then kissed again. This was their first public display for full affection.

“New year, new us.” Kenny said gazing into Renee’s eyes.

“New year, new us.” Renee repeated.

He pulled her in for a tight hug. Kenny thought he lost his good friend, now girlfriend. Renee mischievous grin read exactly that as she placed her head on his shoulder.



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