About the Author

I’m not good at introducing myself, however, I am a good writer. I am a future multi Best Selling Author, Screenwriter, occasional ghostwriter and of course, a businesswoman. I can write about any and everything I want and have to. It comes natural to me and lucky for me it’s my passion. This blog site will display my love for books, creativity and a mixture of both. There will be the content of creative writings, short stories, novel and other writing articles. Mine and others.
Thank you for following me and if you didn’t follow, thank you for the view. It honestly means a lot to me that other people like my work, after being so shy of it for a long time. Thank you for the comments, critics, correction and a ‘c’ word for feedback, I read it and take consideration of it. It helps me more than you know. So again, thank you in advance.

*SIDENOTE: As of 11/2017 I began the process of publishing my first book and I will not be too attentive to anything but that pretty much. The book and I will make our appearance early 2018.

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